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Be Sustainable! National Green Week

Celebrate Go Green Week in school with some amazing ways to be more sustainable in the classroom. Even by making some simple, small changes everyday can be enough to make an impact on how we look after the planet, from recycling to reusing.

Take part in National Green Week which encourages schools and teachers to get involved in being more sustainable. See the daily events we’re celebrating to help be more sustainable and raise awareness!

Meat Free Monday

Swap your meals for something a little healthier and and substitute meat for a vegan or vegetarian alternative. It’s not a massive change, but its a step in the direction. Try going meat free this Monday.

Tree Tuesday

Plant a tree, save a tree, make it all about the trees! Replanting and helping to grow trees can be a great way to help the planet. It’s not only humans who depend on trees, wildlife need trees for shelter and food as well as the benefits trees provide to improving soils.

Discover more on how you can lower your own and your school’s carbon footprint by being more proactive by planting trees –

Waste Wednesday

If you’ve got rubbish, make sure it’s recycled. Doing your bit can make a big difference and encourage others to follow suit. Here’s some tips and ideas to be less wasteful:

  • Repair, don’t throw away
  • Swap plastic bottles for something more sustainable.

Fancy a challenge? Don’t be wasteful at all throughout the day.

  • Don’t produce any waste – Not allowed to do anything that results in the need to use a bin or even a recycling bin.
  • Don’t consume anything that could result in waste – When consuming anything, you need to act as if it’s the end of the packet/box.

Transport Thursday

Be more considerate when travelling. Think about cycling to work or school when possible.not only are you cutting your emissions, but you’re also leading a healthier more active lifestyle!

Try carpooling! Organise a lift share with other colleagues from your area to travel into work  together, reducing your collective footprint by only using 1 vehicle between you.

Fuel Free Friday

Try to ditch the fuel, at least for one day. That doesn’t have to be only on your transport. You could try reducing the heating in your home, sometimes wearing an extra layer is just as good, or you could try walking as an alternative way of getting around.

Have your own ways of being more sustainable in school? Tag us on social media with your ideas or let us know in the comments below of ways in which your school has gone green!

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