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As the winter nights draw in, so does the cold and that means you’ll have one eye on your heating bills. Maybe you’ll even begin questioning whether or not you’re with the right energy supplier and if so, where you can find the cheapest energy deals.

Luckily if you’re a member of Discounts For Teachers you can get access to the teachers energy club and begin looking at saving even more on your bills by switching suppliers.

What is the energy club?

It sounds secretive and exclusive and well that’s because it essentially is. By joining the Teacher’s Energy Club you’ll join others like yourself in forming a super group of members meaning we can negotiate directly with suppliers for the best deals just for you. Deals will go straight to your inbox and you can switch instantly.

How long does it take to switch energy suppliers?

The process is pretty straightforward and relatively quick to switch. You won’t be waiting months to switch over your energy to a new supplier. There’s typically a two week cooling off period before your switch is confirmed, just incase you change your mind – but why would you if you end up saving hundreds of pounds? Dates may be slightly different for gas and electric but don’t worry, you won’t be left without anything. The switch is just the amount you pay for the energy used. You’ll still be granted the same as if you were not switching, but once switched you’ll be paying less for what you use. It doesn’t take long to change energy supplier, typically a few weeks and everything is complete.

How do I switch energy suppliers?

You can switch your electricity and gas easily by finding the best deal that’s right for you from the energy club and in about 10 minutes you’ll be all set to go. You’ll need to enter some information such as your postcode and provide a recent energy bill to begin the switching process. Once you’re happy with your new supplier, the standard details will be required such as bank information and your address for your new supplier to bill, and you should be alerted as a new customer once all set up, meaning you’re all ready to go and carry on as before, only you’ll have saved even more on your energy bills.

October and November is probably your last call to switch energy supplier and save before winter is well and truly here. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best deals and not overpaying for your energy over the next few months.

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