How To Save On Your Winter Bills 2021

Winter Bills 2021

As the winter months creep towards us, we gradually increase the temperature of our heating, and the lights stay on for longer than normal. In return, we start to spend a little more on our monthly utility bills – but our bills shouldn’t break the bank. We have put together a guide for the best tips and tricks to save money on bills this winter. 

How can I save money on my winter heating bill?

One of the best things you can do to save money during the winter months is taking the time and investing in heating controls. It allows you to control the temperature of your house, it spends less energy trying to keep the house warm (which is expensive). Plus, during the winter months, managing your heating can become a nightmare, so why not make this winter less stressful with heating controls?

What should you set your thermostat at in the winter?

From thermostat wars with your family to the kids running in and out of the house (and letting your heat escape), keeping the home affordably warm can be a stretch. Thankfully, we have some tips to help you save money, keep warm, and enjoy this winter. 

According to Public Health England, the ideal temperature for UK households is somewhere between 18 to 21 degrees. Not only does this temperature keep the house warm, but it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Alongside your thermostat, there are various ways to keep warm this winter.  Take a look at our tips:

Stop Draughts: In your house, there are various problem areas, such as your windows, doors, fireplaces, and even your floorboards that let cold air in/hot air out. Make sure you tackle them to prevent the cold air from getting in, and the warm air from getting out. 

Choose which rooms to heat: Not every room within your home will need heating up, so why not be a little more selective? For instance, your spare room and hallway don’t need heating up, so why not turn off the radiator in those rooms? 

Insulate your water cylinder: If you happen to have a combi boiler, then this won’t be of relevance to you. However, if you have a conventional or system boiler, this trick can be very useful. The hot water cylinder is responsible for heating up your water, which in return provides you with hot water and central heating for your home. In many cases, the cylinder can leak or fail to retain heat, so why not invest in a cylinder jacket? They are extremely affordable, easy to install, and in return, they retain more heat – meaning you spend less energy heating and reheating water. 

Ways to reduce your electricity bill.

During the winter months, the days get darker, and as a result, we often spend more money on our electricity bill – but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are numerous ways you can save on your electricity bill this year.

One of the best things you can do to save money on your monthly electricity bill is unplugging unused appliances & devices. Did you know that appliances that are plugged in, but not in use, can drain electricity and cost you money? Standby items, such as your TV, kettle, toaster, and even your phone charger can be costing you money when they are plugged in but not in use. Why not start unplugging your appliances? Or, you could invest in timer plugs that will turn off after a certain amount of time. 

Are you looking for some tips and tricks to help you save on your electricity bills? Well, we have got you covered. Take a look at our tips:

  • Opt for LED bulbs. 
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature.
  • Be smarter about water.
  • Buy efficient appliances.
  • Install a new boiler.
  • Invest in double glazing.
  • Invest in a plug-in timer switch.

So those are our tips to save money on bills this winter. Make sure you check out our blog for more useful guides and information.

Winter Bills 2021

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