Inspiring Teachers – International Women’s Day

Join us this international Women’s Day in celebrating some of the most famous and inspiring Women teachers of all time. All teachers are inspiring, whether it’s to their students or to their colleagues, there’s characteristic that all teachers share. The same can be said for these inspiring teachers who broke down barriers, and led the way in education both for women and men, helping shape the future and inspire others to learn.

Helen Keller

Perhaps one of the most famous mentors there has been, Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Helping to mentor and inspire others alike, Helen paved the way for those suffering with disabilities in education. Helping to teach and raise awareness of visual impairments as a spokesperson for the American Foundation for Overseas Blind.

Mary Ward

A pioneer for girls schools being less restrictive, Mary Ward went against tradition and set up the Sisters of Loreto, an institution which still has centres around the world today. Previously, girls were restricted to go outside of the premises and were obligated to take part and attend the choir service, whereas under the guidance of Mary Ward and the Sisters of Loreto, these sanctions were not as strict and offered more independence and freedom for girls attending.

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan’s work as a teacher is truly inspiring and was first employed to help school Helen Keller. Anne Sullivan herself was blind for the first part of her life before recovering part of her sigh by the time she came to tutor and help Helen Keller. Sullivans own understanding into the world which Helen knew, allowed an insight into the most appropriate and most beneficial ways in which Helen could learn, before going on to achieve success and become the the first deaf and blind student to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori helped pave the way for a new style of teaching and moved away from strict discipline and rote learning. Maria believed in the ideology that children essentially teach themselves and that the teachers main responsibility was to create the correct environment to learn and generate that spark. At the time, this was a very modern approach and nowadays is often encouraged amongst classrooms.

There have been many notable women who have had an influence on the way the education system is run and how modern classrooms are conducted, whether this be in the style of teaching, or the ability to learn and think freely. Even today teachers are continuing to reinvent the way students learn. Do you have someone who inspires you? Let us know in the comments below.

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