Make The Most of May!

Make The Most of May!

Another month, another game of finding stuff to do during lockdown!

It is crazy to think that we were stuck inside, nervous and facing toilet roll shortages this time last year. Fast forward to 2021, and we still have no idea what is happening, but at least we can go outside, eat at restaurants, visit our favourite stores and book staycations – within reason.

Make The Most of May!


After going crazy with Zoom quizzes, evening walks, and working from home, the world is starting to return to a place of normality – well, kind of? That means we can look to the future and start planning some fun activities! However, after a year of being stuck indoors, you might be struggling to come up with some ideas, so we have listed some for you!

Let’s look at some things we can do!

  • Book a staycation!

  • Realise that every staycation has been booked up until 2060 and come to the realisation that you are going to lay on a towel in the garden. Woo…

  • Sit in a beer garden with your friends!

  • Now is the perfect time to start a new hobby! Why not pick up gardening, skating, or something simple like knitting? 

  • Try and eat at your favourite restaurant – good luck getting a seat!

  • Vote in your local election – Cuthbert or Colin the Caterpillar. Pick aside!
    Try to be organised!

  • Start a new book!

  • Treat yourself. You deserve it.

  • Walk a different route…it can make a difference. 

  • Plan a sensible bank holiday

  • Come to understand that your bank holiday will most likely end with you cry-singing Adele after one too many!

  • Retail shopping is back in full force. Get outside and visit your favourite stores!

Make The Most of May!

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