Mens Health Week – Stop The Stigma

This year, Men’s Health Week is more important than ever. Due to current circumstances, more people have been affected in different ways, whether it be through their physical health or their mental state, which is why it’s important to help raise awareness and encourage conversations about the things that really matter.

Your physical health is important, and it may have been a little harder recently to stay as active as what you would have liked, but maintaining an active lifestyle is good for both your body and mind.

Here’s some healthy tips to follow when staying active

  1. Have a plan
  2. Don’t only exercise when you’re motivated
  3. Enjoy a balanced diet
  4. Recognise your accomplishments – no matter how big or small
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others

Typically there is a stigma that surrounds men and their emotions. Luckily times are changing and the idea of containing emotions and not talking isn’t encouraged. Instead, have conversations, whether it’s with friends or family or even a complete stranger. There are many resources available and there are so many others who will be feeling the same meaning you won’t be alone. Breaking the stigma and having those conversations about subjects which may have been considered “taboo” for men is always an important issue to help raise awareness around.

Don’t forget about Fathers Day! What better way to celebrate Men’s health week and fathers day by treating him to something special? From once in a lifetime experiences with BuyAGift to something to encourage them to stay active with a wide range of sporting equipment and accessories to choose from.

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