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Money Saving Travel Tips for Teachers

This month we have a special guest blog post from writer, teacher and public speaker Emma Bradley. Emma is all about saving teachers and families money! Here’s her top money saving travel tips for teachers and those working in education…

Teachers are very limited when they can travel and as such, they are often making travel plans for peak times. This leaves teachers with little flexibility on travelling times, and means that teachers are often forced into paying premium rates for hotels, flights, and other holiday costs.

However, with some careful planning, there are money saving travel tips for teachers can utilise if they are resourceful and prepared to plan ahead.

As we are coming into the peak travelling season I wanted to share the tips and tricks that I have found that benefits teachers. Many of these I have discovered from the practical experience of making the most of my school holidays with my family.

I come from a teaching family, both my husband and I teach, and this means that we have to plan holidays carefully. We also have teenagers which adds another dimension to planning breaks as they have busy lives and commitments. However, that being said we really enjoying travelling and that includes short breaks in the UK and further afield. To ensure that I am making the most of our money I always check out Discounts for Teachers as they offer great deals for those who work in education.

I aim for us to fit in a mini break most school holidays as it gives us time to reconnect as a family and switch off from school. If we stay at home invariably my husband ends up back in school or spending the week in front of his laptop. By going away he gets a proper break and can then afford some relaxation.

1. How to avoid school holiday travel prices

My first tip for teachers who are looking to save money on travelling is to look at your school dates carefully. Sometimes half terms don’t fall in line across the UK and this can mean that holiday prices have not shot up. One example I found was looking at Alton Towers when the north was still at school, but the south had broken up. This meant I was able to book a fair priced hotel as the locals were not off school. I know others who have travelled up to Scotland to take flights abroad after the Scottish schools have gone back to school, but England is still enjoying their summer break!

2. Use education discounts

When booking hotels for mini breaks use who give an 10% extra Teachers discount on over 70,000 hotels, B&B’s, apartments and resorts. You can sign up for free membership to Discounts for Teachers and access deals from a wide range of major retailers. 

3. International term times matter!

It is also worth looking at international term dates as that can affect the price of your holiday abroad. If you are looking at Disneyworld, for example, it is often cheaper to travel at the end of August rather than the start as the US families are back at school. This makes it cheaper to book a Disney holiday.

4. Use your inset day

Check whether inset days can be taken advantage off. More and more schools are allowing staff to do twilight inset sessions that create an extra day at the end of the term. That means teachers can travel on this day, which again might be before prices hike up.

5. Pick your dates wisely

If you are a primary school teacher consider travelling in the last two weeks of the holidays as it is often cheaper then. This might not be so easy if you teach secondary age and need to be in for GCSE result day though!

6. Chase the sun

Don’t feel that you must take your main break in the summer holidays, May and October half terms still have lovely weather, especially in Europe and are significantly cheaper, now is a great time to book a Jet2 Holiday for May, and using Discount for Teachers will give you another £25 off.

7. Don’t book all-inclusive

Another money-saving travel trip for teachers is not to fall into the trap of thinking holidays have to be all-inclusive. Lots of research demonstrates that many – especially those with school-age children pay for all inclusive but don’t actually eat or drink enough to break even on this. Instead look at villas, half board options, and self-catering. Did you know that Centerparcs in Europe offers great value for money as do Eurocamp holidays. Teachers can also benefit from an additional discount with Eurocamp and receive up to 55% of the price of the holiday. 

I hope that these money saving travel tips for teachers can save you some money and make planning your holiday travels that bit easier. Do let me know if you have any other travel tips that will help out teachers.

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