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Save Savvy With The New Discounts For Teachers Cashback Card

You can save up to £546 a year just by being a cashback smartypants!*

Did you know… Teachers can now earn up to 12% cashback on every purchase at over 50 retailers?

The brand-new Discounts for Teachers Cashback Card is ready and waiting to help Teachers save money every time they shop. You can now save even more on your everyday essentials for being a teacher!

Who’s eligible for a Teachers Cashback Card

The Cashback Card is available to all Teachers who are members of Discounts for Teachers. Unfortunately, this cannot be redeemed by any of our other member types at this time.

How to sign up

Registering is simple and easy to do; all you need is a valid email address from an education organisation. The Cashback Card is completely free for the first 12 months, then a yearly fee of only £2.99 is charged which is automatically taken out of the cashback you have accumulated.

Not only is it the smart way to save, it’s really simple!

Explore all the savings and discounts on offer and sign up for free.

Using your Teachers Cashback Card

You can use your Teachers Cashback Card anywhere where you see the Visa Acceptance Mark, which is at over 36 million retailers worldwide, but you’ll only qualify for cashback when using the card at participating retailers.

How to earn cashback

When you get your card, the first thing to do is top up. You can top your card up with a minimum of £20 then you’re all set to go and start earning cashback on your purchases.

Smart Tip: Top up your card with your expected monthly spend for hassle-free use. For example, if you’re shopping budget is £200, top up this amount when you get paid and use your card throughout the month to receive cashback every time you spend at selected supermarkets.

You can spend online or in-store and begin accumulating cashback when used with our retail partners. The cashback earned typically arrives into your account within 5-7 days, so don’t be too concerned if your cashback doesn’t instantly appear.

Then, next time you come to top up your card, you’ll be greeted with your cashback savings in your account, giving you even more to spend!

Calculate your cashback

Use our free cashback calculator to see how much you could save just from using your card! Simply add your estimated spend in on your everyday essentials and our smart calculator will let you know what you could potentially save each month!

Download the app

Manage your account and top up on the go with the free Spree app and enjoy the power of your new Cashback Card directly from your phone.

Browse a list of participating retailers, view your transaction history, request your cards PIN code incase you’re feeling a little forgetful and check your balance and awaiting cashback. All of which are the added features of the app! Making it an essential app to keep track of all your spending and cashback in one place.

Top up your card for free anytime via your online account and there’s no minimum spend to receive cashback; you just need to make sure there are enough funds on your card before you spend.

For more information our most frequently asked questions, click here and for a full list of information please consult our Terms and Conditions.

Don’t miss out, sign up for your brand new Discounts for Teachers Cashback Card today!

*Save up to £546 – According to the Office of National Statistics, in the year 2016/17 the average household spent £28,818 per year of which a monthly spend of £932 was spent within categories where we offer cashback in partner retailers.

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