Teacher Money, Stress and Where to Find Help

You’re the person a whole class of students turn to for support and guidance. Where do leaders of pastoral support turn if they need guidance? We’ve looked into the current issues for teacher money, stress and where to find help.

Pressure on teachers

When you’re in a position of leadership it can feel difficult and embarrassing to speak up. It’s important to let that go in order to move forward. The BBC recently reported that there has been an increase in teachers seeking help for stress.

The statistics on stress, depression, anxiety and suicide are higher for teachers than the general population. In 2017 75% of teachers reported the symptoms of stress to include panic attacks and depression. That was compared to 62% of the general working population from an education charity commissioned YouGov survey.

What are the government doing?

Government figures report that 9% of teachers – that’s almost 40,000 people – quit the teaching profession in 2016. This has created the need for 30,000 classroom teachers. Not enough of those teachers leaving have been replaced. There is a greater strain on the workloads of new and seasoned teachers alike. It’s important to gain an awareness of these issues to safeguard your career, finances and well-being.

The Department for Education is addressing the recruitment crisis with a £1.3bn investment up to 2020 in a drive to attract more new teachersMeanwhile, exam targets, an increase in marking and admin has meant that some teachers are working 12 hour days.

What help is out there?

Education Support Partnership

There is specialist, confidential help our there for teachers. From mental health and well-being support services to special grants in times of hardship. Teachers add a huge value to our society and we need them to stay well, strong and supported.

We’d recommend the Education Support Partnership as your first port of call. If you ever find yourself under pressure with bills, housing, or you just need someone to talk to.

The Education Support Partnership is the only UK charity that provide mental health and well-being support for the entire education workforce. That’s everyone that works under the education umbrella from admin to academic, retired or hired.

The counselling hotline set up by The Education Support Partnership has seen a 35% increase in calls over the last 12 months. When events escalate, financial difficulties due to stress, sickness, or a change in circumstances occur they are there to listen. They have helped people to cover their mortgage costs with special grants when relationships have broken down, rental arrears, travel costs, short-term financial emergencies, well-being costs and much more.

Teaching Staff Trust

Another organisation that looks after the working and retired education sector is the Teaching Staff Trust. This organisation provides financial support, legal advice and counselling. Their help is open to anyone who has worked or retired from a school, nursery or any other role in education for under 19s. This could include, to name but a few:

  • lunchtime supervisors
  • school administrators
  • nursery workers
  • teaching assistants
  • learning support staff
  • teachers

They want to help people keep their independence. Here education workers can find the crucial buffer that may keep them out of financial hardship. The Teaching Staff Trust also offer an advice service. The issues and people they’ve helped is wide ranging – everything from heating bills, evictions, depression, unemployment and unexpected costs.

Talk to us

We would love to hear your experiences as a teacher. What advice would you give to others struggling to cope? What have you learned that’s helped you? Are there any other organisations we should be aware of? Get in touch at the comments below and have a look at our Teacher’s Survival Guide blog post for self care tips.

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