Top Tips To Eat Healthier

Celebrate Healthy Eating Week with these top tips to help maintain a healthier and balanced diet, as well as some quick and easy recipes to make your meals tastier and healthier!

It’s easy to get tempted to stray from healthier foods, but it’s also just as easy to incorporate them in fun and creative ways to get healthy.

What to avoid

  • Processed foods are extremely unhealthy
  • Supplements can’t ever replace real foods
  • Refined Carbohydrates are bad for you

Recipe Ideas

Check out these tasty ideas that are quick and easy to make and help aid a balanced diet. Why not mix it up? Tag us in your recipes or let us know in the comments your own tips for making meals even healthier!

Cut down the sugar

It’s everywhere and nearly impossible to avoid, but knowing what type of sugar to avoid is important. The addictive foods, such as fizzy drinks, sweets and those with extra sweeteners are the ones to avoid. Staying clear of these is a good idea as they can cause long term health issues, including tooth decay and obesity, and even lead to heart issues. Fruits contain their own natural sugars which are perfectly fine to consume, so next you’re looking for a pick-me-up or a sweet treat, opt for fruit or something natural as opposed to the can of pop.

5 A Day

Perhaps the most important part of a balanced and healthy diet, ensuring you consume at least 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day is essential. It doesn’t always have to be fruit or the same vegetables over and over again. By mixing up what you consume and how you consume it, you may even find yourself eating way more and filling your body with the nutrients and goodness it needs. Smoothies are an excellent and quick way of consuming a variety of foods, and make for great alternatives to breakfasts or snacks throughout the day.


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