Unique Ways To Celebrate Halloween

October is in full swing, and that means Halloween is right around the corner. Halloween is a great way to spend quality time with loved ones, but finding the right activity can be challenging. Not only do we offer the best Teachers Discounts, but here at Discounts for Teachers, we want you to spend quality time with your family and enjoy the little moments – after all, spending time with your loved ones is extremely important

To help you celebrate the spooky season, we have compiled some fantastic ideas and activities that are perfect for this time of year. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Hunt

Entertain the kids with a Pumpkin hunt – think of an easter-egg hunt, but with pumpkins instead? It’s a simple, yet an effective game that keeps the entire family entertained. Place mini pumpkins (or plastic pumpkins) around your house and garden to keep the kids busy.

Bottomless Brunch

If you are looking for something to do with your friends that incorporates a level of socialisation and fun, a bottomless brunch is a fantastic idea. Bottomless brunches have become incredibly popular over the last year because they are a great way to catch up with friends, enjoy great food, escape the cold weather and have a great time. Throughout October, there’ll be many spooky-themed brunches taking place, so why not book a ticket and treat yourself to a fun day out? 

Festive Cocktail Night

If you don’t fancy going out to a bottomless brunch, you could host a festive cocktail night with your friends? All you need is a handful of ingredients and themed glasses to make a fun, festive cocktail. Bloody mary? Blood-orange gin and tonic? The puns keep flowing.

Drive-In Cinema

We all love to watch a spooky film this time of the year, but why not change things up and visit a drive-in cinema? Since the pandemic hit, Drive-In cinema’s have become increasingly popular and can be found across the entire country. In most cases, Drive-In cinemas will show a wide selection of films, ranging from classic horrors, new releases, to kid-friendly options. A drive-in cinema would be the perfect night out for a family, or even a great date night option.

Generic Celebration Ideas

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