What Teachers Should Watch On Netflix This Month

June is officially here, and with it comes a new selection of titles on Netflix to keep us entertained. Are you interested in the latest blockbuster? Perhaps you are looking for the next best reality TV show? Or maybe, you are looking for a horror to scare you silly? Whatever you are looking for, Netflix has it all.

To help you find the best things to watch this month, we have listed the most anticipated titles. Also, did you know that members of Discounts for Teachers can get an exclusive Sky TV & Netflix offer? Get your deal.

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork (Limited Series)
Release date: 30th

This 5 part docu-series follows one of the most extensive investigations ever seen. Following the brutal murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, both Ireland and France become obsessed with this case for the next to decades. With the limited series, we get to explore this shocking case in length. Plus, we gain insight from the victim’s family and those involved in the real story. Plus, three new suspects in the case have been identified!

Carnaval (Film)

Release Date: 2nd

Following a recent breakup, a young influencer and her friends visit Vahia’s Vibrant Carnaval. From here, the film offers some interesting life lessons and provides some serious laughter. 

Sweet Tooth (Series)
Release Date: 4th

Produced by Robert Downey Jr. aka, Iron Man, Sweet Tooth is a Netflix original series based on the famous DC comic book series (of the same name). In a world where humans are hybrid with animals, we are taken on a perilous, post-apocalyptic adventure. 

Xtreme (Film)
Release Date: 4th

Are you looking for an exhilarating action-adventure movie? Xtreme is a perfect choice! A retired hitman follows out his plan to seek revenge on those who murdered his father and son. With a renowned list of international actors, this Spanish will be relentless and spectacular. 

Awake (Film)
Release Date: 9th

After a global event leaves humanity unable to sleep, the world falls into chaos. We follow a military mother, Gina Rodriguez, this punchy thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Headspace: Unwind Your Mind (Limited series)
Release Date: 15th

Are you looking to incorporate some mindfulness into your life? The next instalment of the Headspace x Netflix collaboration is an interactive mindfulness experience. The interactive journey allows users to personalise their journey and make the most out of the series.

Fatherhood  (Film)
Release Date: 18th

Starring Kevin Hart, this heartwarming movie follows a recently widowed dad coming to terms with being a single parent. Not only will this film make you laugh, but it will make you cry. 

So, that is our list of the most anticipated titles that are coming to Netflix in June. We are super excited to watch all of these, but we’d love to know what you’ll be watching. Please leave a comment or head on over to our social media and let us know!

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