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Which Restaurants Offer Teacher Discounts?

Consider yourself as a bit of a foodie? When deciding on where next to eat out, why not dine somewhere where you know you’ll not only have a great meal, but can save when the bill comes. No matter your appetite, everyone is hungry for savings.

As a member of Discounts For Teachers, you can get save at some of your favourite restaurants and even get Cashback with your Discounts For Teachers Cashback Card.

Which Restaurants Offer Teacher Discounts?

Toby Carvery20% off food bill
Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery10% off food order
Miller & Carter2 courses from £10.95
Pizza Express7% Cashback
Sizzling Pubs2 meals from £8
TGI Fridays6% Cashback
Pizza Hut6% Cashback

We know how hard it can be to balance your time to even find the opportunity to venture to a restaurant, in between marking and lesson planning and every other bit of admin, it’s understandable why sometimes it may feel like your social life takes a back seat.

Fear not!

Take advantage of the savings you can get use it as an excuse to make the time to get out and forget about the work, even just for an hour or so. Making sure you make time for yourself outside of work is important, whether that be organising a meal with family and friends or something else, finding the right balance is important.

Check out even more of our best restaurant discounts and food offers and see some of the best eating out deals for Teachers.

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