Winter Sun Escapes For Teachers

Winter Sun Escapes for Teachers

Has the first term of the year already got you wishing for a break? As the days get longer and the nights get colder, you can be forgiven for spending a bit of time searching for some winter sun.

Looking ahead to the half term break, whether that be in October or Christmas, you’ve got your chance to get away, whether that be for a whole week, or somewhere shorter, like on a city break.

Where to get winter sun?


Even in January, temperatures still average 17 °C and that’s the coldest month of the year for Tenerife, the largest of the canary islands. Meaning any concerns around whether or not you’ll be getting an improvement on temperature compared to those typically experienced in winter can be quashed. The relatively short flight and year round sun makes Tenerife the perfect escape for an extended break in the winter sun.

Where to go for winter sun? - Tenerife


Winter may be a quieter time of year for the popular group of islands Madeira is made up of, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discounted as a winter sun escape. If anything, it makes for an even more attractive destination. The sun still shines and temperatures are much warmer than in the UK and most places across Europe. With relaxing beaches and activities for those looking for an adventure, Madeira is the perfect place to get away for a week or longer during the winter months.

Winter Sun Escapes for Teachers - Madeira


Looking for somewhere completely different? Take a trip to Morocco and experience North Africa and all the sun you can handle this winter. It doesn’t get much more opposite than swapping a cold dreary grey English winter morning for a camel ride in Marrakech in the sun, but that’s exactly what you could be doing. Even in the winter months you’ll still be able to do everything you want and really take in the sights, culture and experiences Morocco has to offer.

Winter Sun Escapes for Teachers - Morocco


For those after a taste of luxury, whether it be for a few days or a bit longer, Dubai is the jewel of the middle-east and the got to destination, especially for those searching for some winter sun. The sprawling metropolis of Dubai has plenty on offer, whether it’s an escape to the beach under the winter sun, or shopping experiences like no other, it’s easy to become immersed within the culture of Dubai and enjoy every second of your break.

Winter Sun Escapes For Teachers - Dubai

There’s plenty of alternate destinations you can visit to get some winter sun, whether it’s somewhere else in Europe or somewhere completely new. You can save on your winter sun escapes with some of the best travel deals from travel specialists.

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